Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Swim Changes

I started a new style of swim training this week. A lot of it is very threshold focus with the aim of me swimming as close to my VO2 Max celling as I can.  This is where the CSS test last week came into it.  Going off the time trial results, I am able to structure my swim sessions pace and rest around that CSS score.

I swam today with my son Jacky and a work friend Steve Rowlings who is around two levels above me.  The main set was 200m, 25sec rest, 300m, 25sec rest, 500m 25sec rest.  Jacky did every 2nd 50m with me with a few of the sets me swimming on his feet. Man, he is getting crazy fast in the water.  I felt great in the water but for the first time in a long time my shoulders by the end of the sessions were tight. I love that feeling. 

According to my CSS test last week, if I was to do a 3.8km swim (in a pool), my time would be 1:05.  If I did this in the rough ocean water in Cairns I could add another 10 minutes. Crazy.