Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Past Six Months

I tried something different after Ironman Cairns last June than what I normally do. Normally I would take two full weeks off all training and three weeks off all running and slowly bring things back.  I do this because that is what you do.  I was taught this by my old coach Allan Pitman.  I never questioned it, I never thought about it. I simply did it. 

This time around I decided to spend a month recovering but still keep training through.  I did take four days after Ironman and was back on the bike.  All my training for a month was between easy to moderate. 

The only downside to this was I went into the Ironman with an achilles injury so I did take two weeks off running but still reverted back to my template for the rest.
3x swims per week equalling 6km
3x bike rides per week equalling 150km
3x strength sessions per week (all body weight during this time)

The results were what I expected, I felt like for months after that I could do an Ironman at any time and get the same time I had in June.  Now I feel like with a months’ notice, I can get a personal best time. 

Would I do this again?  Unless I had an Ironman coming up within four months, I would most likely not do it again. 

Once I got going again in proper training, I hired a cycling coach Wez Sulzberger who had only just started his coaching business after retiring from professional cycling.  I learned a lot from Wez.  Four months into being coached by him, I stopped as I was making a lot of financial cut backs so I can reinvest all my money into my own coaching business Train Smooth. 

I could see the outlined plan that Wez was doing with me so I chosed to stay on the same path of focusing on a higher cadence, strength endurance, VO2 max and sweet spot work. 

I reinjured my achilleas again shortly after I restarted running again so I took six weeks off all running and very slowly started running again.

I changed my swimming structure I had been doing for the past year to include more build sets within my warm up. I have stayed very consistent with my swim but I am now ready for another change.

My strength training, I have been in the gym twice a week and doing another session at home.  Very much to what I have been doing for the past year but this too will need to change. 

Since Ironman Cairns mid-June of this year, I have completed:

Swim: 61 sessions equalling 148km
Bike: 92 sessions equalling 3,812km
Run: 53 sessions equalling 575km
Strength & Conditioning: 73 sessions
Oxygen Deprivation sessions: 70 sessions
Mobility Sessions: 115 sessions
Swim Cords: 25 Sessions
Meditated: 32 Session
Foam Roller: 69 times