Sunday, 24 December 2017

Getting the work in

With Christmas tomorrow, this week I have had a little less than normal available training hours, with that I have also had far less sleep over the weekend than normal. Knowing that I will be limited with sleep, time will be killing me and me working Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, I changed my run program to help get me though the weekend.

Instead of me really struggling to stay awake at work, I decided to run at work when I really struggling. I ended up running four times over the weekend.  I didn’t think the bosses would mind as I am the only person on site and I work on a very large site so I just put it down to me checking the fence lines a few times.  Each lap of the site was 1.5km so it was easy to calculate. 

The runs helped keep me alert and I got the volume in needed for the week. It turned out I haven’t ran over five times in a week for a couple of years.  As I have been a little injury prone a few years ago, I changed my running to only running three times a week with 2x 1hr runs and 1x long run and I have kept that going as it seemed to be working for me so running six times this week felt a little wearied.