Friday, 15 December 2017

From Ironman Cairns 2017 to Ironman Cairns 2018

Looking at my 2017 Ironman times where I got a 10:35, my goal now is to go sub 10 hours.  In June next year I will be 38 years old and my goal is to become an elite age grouper.  My age group is 35-39 years old and to be an elite at this age group I need to go sub ten hours so I am looking to better my time by 35 minutes.

Ideally, I would like to swim 1:07, Bike close to 5:05 and run 3:35.  This would give  me a personal best time in all three including a standalone marathon.  In ball park figures, I will need:

Swim: 15% improvements
Bike: 6% Improvements
Run: 5% Improvements

The two biggest hurdles are the swim and the bike.  I currently swim like a brick and with my available swimming training times each week, a 15% improvement in Cairns will prove very difficulted however that is the target.  The bike is a hurdle as I am already racing an Ironman at 33km per hour and so I will need to improve this to as close to 36km per hour as possible.  The conditions at Cairns makes both these tasks harder as the swim in done at Palm Cove. A very rough, wavy ocean swim and as I mentioned before, I swim like a brick.  Also living in Tasmania, open water swimming is a struggle for most times of the year. Swimming in rough water is almost impossible for me so it is normally the day before the race is when I get to test my body surfing skills. As for the bike, the last 65km of the ride is all in a strong headwind.

While it appears, I am coming up with excuses already, this isn’t the case, I have to keep these things in mind when I am creating my training program for the weeks and months ahead.