Friday, 22 December 2017

Critical Swim Speed

I did a Critical Swim Speed Test (CSS) that includes a 400m time trial and a 200m time trial within the 2km session. 

400m: 6:30
200m: 3:14

This gave my CSS pace of 1:38 per 100m. Looking at the two time trials, I had a drop off of 0.5% and this would fit within an “elite level pacing”.  I just wish my pace was that of an elite swimmer.

Funny enough, both time trials were personal best times of mine.  This session and my last swim session have been the only two sessions of late that I felt good. Every other swim has been very poor. 

Looking back through my log, there could be a few reasons. 

I started doing 21 push ups most days.
The past two weeks I have been well under my average weekly sleep hours, (I normally have around 51 hours sleep a week and in the past two weeks I have fallen short from this).
The weather in Launceston has been rather warmer than normal and looking at most sessions of swim, bike and run. Almost all of them have been either pool or normal. None of them I have felt good.
My diet has been far from good. This could be part of the reasons but it was far from good this week and my training has improved. 
Could be a combination of everything.