Monday, 11 December 2017

26 Weeks till Ironman

Six months from Ironman Cairns. Looking back in the past six months I have been the most consistent within my training I have ever been.  I set myself a template to aim for each week.

Swim: 3 sessions per week with a minimum of 6km.
Bike: 3 sessions per week with a minimum of 150km.
Run: 3 sessions per week with a minimum of 40km.
Strength & Conditioning: 3 sessions per week with 2 sessions in the gym.
Oxygen Deprivation: 2 sessions per week.
Mobility: 3 mobility sessions per week with a minimum of 25 minutes per session.
Swim Cords: 1 session per week
Meditate: once a week for a minimum of 20 minutes

I created this template in the lead up to my last Ironman.  I looked at this as even if I am sore and tired and need an easy rest week, I can still achieve these sessions per week.

Looking back through my training logs for the past year, I have been very consistent. For the most part, the weeks I fell short from achieving my weekly goals were the weeks I would have a injury, illness, work demands were higher than normal or family commitments. 

Rarely did a lack of motivation stop me achieving my weekly goals.  I will keep these weekly goals right through the next six months as a minimum.