Sunday, 23 July 2017

Taking a month off running

A month leading into Ironman Cairns, I got a problem with my achillies and even two days before the Ironman, I was struggling to run.  Part of me thought I would get off the bike and will be up for a long walk to the finishing line.  I ran with a wedge in my shoe to help take a the stress off my achillies and everything turned out well.

I took a couple of weeks off from running and things were getting better and better.  Last Wednesday I did a 10km run. Everything was normal and my achillies went again. 

I don't want to be talking about my achillies two months from now so I decided to take a full month off from running and keep on rehabbing it so I can get it right.  This will give me an opportunity to do an extra couple of rides a week and an extra swim a week.  

Running is the training I enjoy the most out of everything I do and I will miss it greatly, I am also looking forward to working on the others disciplines.

Because of the month rest i will be taking, I will no longer do Launceston Marathon.  Maybe if everything is going well I may do the half marathon as I want to support the race being the first time Launceston has had a marathon. If I don't run at all I guess I will volunteer or run with my son Jack who I think is keen to do the 10.5km run.