Saturday, 22 July 2017

Getting a cycling coach

After Ironman Cairns, I have been tossing around if I should get a coach again as it takes a lot of pressure off me while at the same time adds a different kind of pressure I haven't had for awhile now and think I could benefit from it.

I really considered going back to Allan Pitman, I also looked into a Tri Sutto coach and almost pulled the trigger of getting Lucho from Bolder to coach me. All three I consider as the best coaches in the world even though it would be another coach from the Sutto camp doing the coaching, it would still be Brett Sutton's methods.

After a lot of consideration I decided not to get a triathlon coach and look at getting a cycling coach instead. Reasons being that I am happy with the way I am progressing with my swimming and with my running it is very clear what I need to do and how to do it. The gym I am right with at this stage. It really is mostly the bike that I need better control of.

In the past three plus years I have become stronger on the bike, I just haven't got any faster. Yes my bike splits on each Ironman is faster than the last but that is simply because I am stronger and able to keep the same effort longer. The last 60-65km of Ironman Cairns is all headwind so strength on the bike was very important to me.

Recently retired pro cyclists Wez Sulzberger who lives not too far from me has started a cycling coaching business.  I got in contact with Wez and described to him that I will still be creating my programs each training block but I am just after a cycling coach who will fill in the blank bike sessions for me.

Wez has agreed to become my cycling coach.  I will personally commit to working with Wez for the next year if all works out well.  Ideally I need to improve my Ironman bike time by around 6% before June next year.

I started this week working with Wez and he has brought something fresh to the table and has already made a couple of changes with the way I train.  I will give it a month or two and report back on working with Wez.