Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Out of routine

I have had the past three weeks off from work and while I like being away from work, I am also a creature of habit so this time off work has taken me right out of my normal routine.  Little things that I do around my work/life has been really neglected while I was only looking at the big pitcher of "no more fucking work for three weeks".

Now, however I am playing catch up. I use Google Keep as my "to do list" and this list is filled with a lot of little jobs that would normally be completed as I go through my normal day to day life.

My coaching business is going along nicely but again, going back to my "to do list" I have so many jobs I need to complete with most being small funny things that doesn't seem to be that big but can easily take up half a day on it.  Things like removing all the banner adds from my Train Smooth website to get people to opt in on my email list.  I am really backing away from this kind of business even though I know email marketing works, it has become very sleezey to me.  I only send out group emails now if I know I have something of value to offer.

Training is going along well, I have much to write about this but I will save it for the next blog I thing as I want to go into a little bit of information about where I am and why I am feeling the way I am feeling three weeks out of an Ironman.

There is something about doing an Ironman.  I only ever do one a year these days as that is what my budget allows.  Doing the race is neither here or there for me.  It is doing everything to get to the race. That is what I love the most.

I am still staying very consistent with my daily vlogs.  I will do a blog on how I create my vlogs with almost no time given very soon

Till next time,

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Getting back tto the blog

I have been really hopeless with updating the blog.  I have started a daily Vlog two weeks ago with me documenting my training, coaching and some parts of my life that I upload to YouTube everyday. 

I have wanted to do something like this for awhile.  Not because I feel the world would love to see my shit, but because I feel my family in one hundred years time maybe interested in seeing what my life was actually like day in, day out. 

How awesome would it be if we can go and watch a daily Vlog from our grandparents or our great grandparents from when they were 38 years old.... You couldn't put a price on that shit. 

While I don't think my kids will be that interested in watching these videos forty years from now, maybe their kids will..... Seems cool to me.

Also my aim with these Vlogs is to offer ideas, advice and some tips with the way I go about my training and my coaching. 

All of this has got me thinking that I should start the blog up again with the aim to write something once a week with the way life is going.  No idea if anyone would want to read it but maybe years from now my great, great grandkids will be all over it..... (sorry for the poor spelling and as you can tell, I struggle to put two words together).......

(Your Great, Great Granddad) 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Talking Pro

My nine year old Jackson and I have started a new podcast within the Train Smooth network where we talk about pro triathlon. 

This is episode one:

Monday, 1 January 2018

Looking Back on 2017

I do enjoy looking back and seeing what I have accomplished throughout the year.  I also enjoy reading what my training buddies have completed as well.

2017 stats for myself were:

Swim: 155 sessions with a total of 334.6km (14 more sessions and 47.6km more than last year).
Bike: 185 sessions with a total of 9101km (65 more sessions and 3237km more than last year).
Run: 129 sessions with a total of 1639.8km (13 more sessions and 65.2km more than last year).
Strength & Conditioning: 190 sessions (127 sessions more than last year).

I am disappointed with my running in 2017 however I did have many weeks throughout the year not running due to injury so I should be satisfied.

Changes I am looking to make:

In the lead up to last Ironman, I was the most consistent I have ever been when it came to miles and sessions however when it came to intervals and completing structured sessions, I wasn't very consistent at all so this is one of two big things I hope to tackle in 2018.
I also had a shocking diet for the most part of 2017 so this is defiantly something I hope to fix.  Since June of last year, I have been scoring my daily nutrition every day and I log it in my training log.  To give an example on the quality of my diet.

In the past 29 weeks (the number of weeks I have been tracking my diet)

Poor Days: 116 days
Below satisfactory Days: 58 Days
Satisfactory Days: 16 Days
Good Days: 3 days
Great Days: 7 Days

Even now while I write these stats out, I am disappointed with myself.  While I have been tracking these numbers, it isn’t something I have been looking at from an overview glance and think there are some major room for improvements. 

Looking back throughout the year with my weight, the heaviest I weighed was 83.3kg. Normally my weights jumps a lot between 80kg and 82kg. Since tracking my weight, every year I would balloon out to 85kg plus so if I was to take a positive from 2017 with my weight, it would be it didn’t go over 83.3kg.


Something else I have been tracking is my motivation/drive levels each day for the past twenty-one weeks, this is completely on how I feel each day.

Poor Days: 13 days
Below satisfactory Days: 29 days
Satisfactory Days: 59 days
Good Days: 28 days
Great Days: 17 days

Niggling Injuries

 One thing I picked up on right after Ironman Cairns was the amount of weeks I was nursing a niggling injury, had an injury or an illness was rather high. 

Before Ironman Cairns 2017
Niggling injury: 9 weeks I had a niggling injury of some kind or another.
Injury: 4 weeks (just before Ironman Cairns)
Illness: 6 weeks I had some sort of illness

After Ironman Cairns:
Niggling injury: Zero
Injury: 6 weeks (Achilles)
Illness: Zero

As soon as I picked up on this after Ironman Cairns, I started using a foam roller often. In the past 28 weeks when I started using a foam roller, I have used it 79 times.
As for illness, well I am doing my best to stay away from anyone who looks remotely unwell and taking Hulk Hogan’s advice with “taking my vitamins and saying my prays Brother!”.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Swim Changes

I started a new style of swim training this week. A lot of it is very threshold focus with the aim of me swimming as close to my VO2 Max celling as I can.  This is where the CSS test last week came into it.  Going off the time trial results, I am able to structure my swim sessions pace and rest around that CSS score.

I swam today with my son Jacky and a work friend Steve Rowlings who is around two levels above me.  The main set was 200m, 25sec rest, 300m, 25sec rest, 500m 25sec rest.  Jacky did every 2nd 50m with me with a few of the sets me swimming on his feet. Man, he is getting crazy fast in the water.  I felt great in the water but for the first time in a long time my shoulders by the end of the sessions were tight. I love that feeling. 

According to my CSS test last week, if I was to do a 3.8km swim (in a pool), my time would be 1:05.  If I did this in the rough ocean water in Cairns I could add another 10 minutes. Crazy. 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

My Training Week

Also added to this, I did 3 mobility sessions, 2 oxygen deprivation sessions and meditated once, swim cords once and used the foam roller 5 times.

My vitals were:
Sleep: 51.5 hours for the week
Weight: 80.6kg

Getting the work in

With Christmas tomorrow, this week I have had a little less than normal available training hours, with that I have also had far less sleep over the weekend than normal. Knowing that I will be limited with sleep, time will be killing me and me working Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, I changed my run program to help get me though the weekend.

Instead of me really struggling to stay awake at work, I decided to run at work when I really struggling. I ended up running four times over the weekend.  I didn’t think the bosses would mind as I am the only person on site and I work on a very large site so I just put it down to me checking the fence lines a few times.  Each lap of the site was 1.5km so it was easy to calculate. 

The runs helped keep me alert and I got the volume in needed for the week. It turned out I haven’t ran over five times in a week for a couple of years.  As I have been a little injury prone a few years ago, I changed my running to only running three times a week with 2x 1hr runs and 1x long run and I have kept that going as it seemed to be working for me so running six times this week felt a little wearied.